Training / Training Systems ATLan-AS


ATLan-AS (Training system for land combat vehicles – Appended Training) is a training system which turns any operational land combat system into its own simulator. It is tailored to the requirements of modern land forces and provides optimum training for the soldiers, from gunnery training through combat training to mission preparation.
ATLan technology has been designed for maximum flexibility, supports various platforms (battle tanks, armored infantry combat vehicles, anti-tank rocket systems) and can be adapted to the customers' specific requirements.


ATLan-UK (Advanced Training for Land combat vehicles Upgrade Kit) is an ATLan-based product variant designed for modernization of available simulation systems (e.g. combat simulators for main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles etc.)



The refinement of so-called Appended Systems for Training and Instruction in conjunction with networked combat vehicles also belongs to the tasks of Diehl Defence.


ATLan-AS is currently ready for production. ATLan-UK is operative in the Austrian armed forces.



Walter Ebersberger
Project Management Vetronics & Training Systems
Phone +49 911 957 2164