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Air-Defence System IRIS-T SLM

Particularly short-range – as well as medium-range rockets, unmanned aerial systems and grenades pose today´s air threats endangering populated regions, urban areas, facilities and objects. Military camps of international forces also belong to this category. Ground-based air defence units contribute to safeguarding air space as well as protecting the civilian population and the soldiers in action.

Based on the IRIS-T SL missile, Diehl Defence offers the armed forces a flexible system solution for modern air defence.

Vertical launch of the mobile and all-terrain capable, medium-range IRIS-T SLM (Surface Launched Medium Range) provides comprehensive 360° protection against attacks from the air by aircraft, drones, helicopters, cruise missiles, guided weapons and rockets. The seeker is locked onto the target to be engaged during missile flight (lock-on after launch). Target data are updated during the flight via the data link. The air defence system enables simultaneous engagement of several targets, even at very short range and with extremely short reaction times. The guided missile is fired from eight launch canisters, using its thrust vector control for superior maneuverability.

IRIS-T can be adapted to country-specific command and control systems. IRIS-T SLM can be employed in a mobile or stationary manner. Due to its high degree of automation, it is ideally suited for continuous operation with minimum staff requirements.


Ground-based air defence design focuses on flexible and modular system configurations. Open and standardized interfaces provide easy connection of the missile system to existing and future fire control components.



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