Subjects in the Focus Why does Germany need an independent defence industry?

Subjects in the Focus

The armed forces are facing new security challenges. Multinational missions, asymmetric conflicts as well as the potential risk of terrorist attacks threaten security and pose new requirements for equipment, technology and logistics of armed forces.

Why does Germany need an independent defence industry?

Europe benefits from peace, freedom and security as the foundation of economic success and prosperity. Today this is taken for granted, but it comes with a price. Safeguarding these basic values requires the will and capability to defend them.

Currently German soldiers are participating in multi-national operations in order to prevent conflicts, manage crises and counter trans-national terrorism. Without modern equipment and functioning cooperation with allies these tasks cannot be mastered successfully.

Next to service life management in the long-term, German defence contractors possess the capability to develop, produce and procure operational equipment thereby permanently supplying the necessary system know-how. Equipment for armed forces can either be developed in Germany or must be purchased abroad. Only an independent defence industry is capable of guaranteeing delivery and provision reliability considered politically important.

Arms imports, even in conjunction with licence production, do not permit safeguarding and enhancing technological leadership. Germany´s participation in the resolution of international conflicts encompasses either the provision of soldiers or the delivery of defence equipment to empower international armed forces, however, only if we offer modern military equipment in demand on the world market.

Safeguarding an independent defence industry also should be in the taxpayers` interest, since a large portion of the procurement expenses returns to the federal authorities as taxes and fees, if the net product is generated in the home country. 

The German defence industry is a recognized international cooperation partner. The influence and ability to shape the course of events depend not only on the financial clout and political will, but also on the defence expertise and capacity a country is capable of contributing to an international armament program.

Harbour party in Kiel, Germany
Harbour party in Kiel, Germany