Subjects in the Focus SIMONE: Complete monitoring and effective protection for naval forces

Subjects in the Focus

The armed forces are facing new security challenges. Multinational missions, asymmetric conflicts as well as the potential risk of terrorist attacks threaten security and pose new requirements for equipment, technology and logistics of armed forces.


SIMONE: Complete monitoring and effective protection for naval forces

The German Navy´s innovative new Frigate F125 is specifically equipped for conflict and crisis management as well as for combating trans-national terrorism.

The conceptual modifications of the new frigates are apparent in their mission duration, crew size, armament and sensorics. For self-protection of naval units, information superiority as well as the capability of quick and flexible response on board and automatic monitoring of the vessel´s vicinity are critical issues. The respective requirements are met with advanced sensors.

In order to close the capability gap in autonomous close-in monitoring and to increase protection against asymmetric threats, Diehl BGT Defence was tasked with the development of an optical surveillance system.

SIMONE (Ship Infrared Monitoring Observation and Navigation Equipment) provides complete and permanent monitoring of the vessel´s structure. Moreover, it allows early and reliable detection of small objects enabling flexible and precise response. SIMONE takes into account the new crew concept envisaging less manpower by provision of autonomous monitoring requiring no additional personnel. Automatic alarm with relevant data for the command and control system is generated in case of detected threats.

Uncooled infrared detectors featuring longevity as well as 24/7 high image quality meet the requirement of permanent operational readiness.

Diehl BGT Defence is scheduled to deliver the first SIMONE system in spring 2013 for the frigate Baden-Württemberg.