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Diehl Defence - Competence in defence and security

As a management company, Diehl Defence concentrates the Diehl Group´s business activities in defence and security.

As a competent partner of the Bundeswehr and international armed forces, Diehl Defence is in overall charge and coordinates the activities of numerous subsidiaries, program and affiliated companies. The product portfolio ranges from highly accurate guided missiles for armies, air forces and navies, system solutions for ground-based air defence, guided ammunition to innovative reconnaissance and protection systems. Products and services regarding training, customer support and packaging systems complement the portfolio.

Diehl Defence worldwide

Diehl Defence Worldwide

Diehl Defence

Diehl Defence

Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG is a leading European system house in the field of modern guided missiles. The portfolio encompasses airborne, land-based and sea-launched missile solutions as well as ground-based air defence systems. The product range also includes ammunition solutions in the medium and large caliber range as well as sensors and security systems for reconnaissance, surveillance and protection. Products and services in the fields of training, after-sales service and packaging systems round off the portfolio.

Affiliated- and program companies



AIM Infrarot-Module GmbH develops and manufactures high-quality infrared detectors and thermal imaging devices as well as Stirling cooling systems. AIM products are used not only by armed forces but also for research, industrial processes, safety engineering and environmental protection as well. A new segment includes space-based applications.



As global market leaders for ammunition fuzes as well as safety & arming devices, the companies JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH and JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S. operate under the trademark JUNGHANS Defence. The French subsidiary JUNGHANS T2M S.A.S. and the German company DynITec belong to JUNGHANS Microtec.



DynITEC GmbH develops and produces military ignitors and explosive initiators as well as energetic materials and electronic fuze systems.

Diehl Retrofit Missile Systeme GmbH

The business purpose of Diehl Retrofit Missile Systeme GmbH is to market and sell legacy Sidewinder AIM-9L series missiles including related logistical services to customers worldwide.

Diehl & Eagle Picher

Diehl & Eagle Picher

Diehl & Eagle Picher GmbH – a joint venture of Diehl and Eagle Picher Technologies, USA – manufactures defence battery systems. The product portfolio ranges from thermal batteries for missiles and ammunition to activatable lithium thionyl chloride batteries (fuze batteries) and battery packs for military and civilian applications.



EuroSpike GmbH is a program company marketing the Spike type guided missiles, which were developed in Israel, in Europe. Its shareholders include the companies Diehl, Rheinmetall and Rafael.



PARSYS GmbH is the prime contractor for the PARS 3 LR guided missile – primary armament of the Tiger support helicopter of the German Army. PARSYS GmbH is a joint venture of MBDA Deutschland and Diehl Defence GmbH und Co. KG.

RAM - System


RAM-System GmbH (RAMSyS) – a joint venture of Diehl and MBDA Deutschland – is responsible for program management of the RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) air defence system in Europe marketing the ship self-defence system in selected countries. The company is also involved in the US programs Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) and Standard Missile SM-2.