Company History


1902 Margarete and Heinrich Diehl open an art foundry
1945 Foundation of AKO in Eisenharz / Allgäu
1950 Production moved to Kisslegg
1953 First production of time switches in Nürnberg
1955 Production of infra-red rays
1956 First programmed timer for AEG Lavamat
1962 The factory in Wangen has been built
1967 First drive-electronic for machine tools
1987 Production start of "White Goods" components in Kisslegg
1989 Production start and grand opening of the new Controls Division facility in Nürnberg, Donaustraße
1993 70 million programme timers delivered
1994 Diehl takes over AKO-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Wangen
1998 Foundation of Diehl Controls Italia S.r.l.
1999 Foundation of Diehl Controls Polska sp.z.o.o. in Namyslow
2000 Foundation of Diehl Controls Nanjing Co. Ltd
Production start of electromechanical and electronic controls in Namyslow (Poland)
Production start of Front Panels in Kinmel Park
1 million radio metering systems have been delivered to Techem
2001 Organisational consolidation of AKO und Diehl Controls Nürnberg, forming Diehl AKO Stiftung & Co. KG
2002 Foundation of Diehl Controls North America Inc. in Chicago
100 years Diehl
2003 Foundation of Diehl Controls Mexico, S.A. de C.V. in Queretaro
2005 Beginning of hider production in Quingdao, China
The first PLATINUM inverter is launched
2006 Foundation of development centre Wroclaw
First presentation of PLATINUM inverters at Intersolar Freiburg
2007 The Photovoltaics department launches the innnovative PowerBlock system
2008 The new transformerless inverter TL is launched
2009 The new transformerless inverter TL is awarded with the top mark „excellent+“ in the February test of the solar magazine Photon
2010 The new highly effective three-phase inverter TL3 is launched
2011 Further development of TL inverter to TLD inverter in order to fulfil Medium Voltage Directive
2012 Launch of the newest isolated string inverter H
The newest development, the inverter R3, is launched
The new PLATINUM® Battery is presented at Intersolar Europe in Munich