Corporate Procurement Purchasing Guidelines


Diehl Controls, known from the brands Diehl AKO and DIEHL Smart Home, is an international supplier to industry in the fields of household appliances and installation technology.

Engineering competence and a worldwide production volume of more than 100,000 units per day form the basis for business success. Diehl Controls pursues strict environmental and process management at its national and international sites in order to achieve the best possible reconciliation between industrial production and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Diehl Controls applies this credo not only to its own operations, but also to those of its various partners. Diehl Controls is aware that the supply and value-added chain begins on the procurement markets and ends with the installation on the ultimate customer’s premises. This awareness should apply in all cooperations and purchasing relationships. These Purchasing Guidelines are valid for the Purchasing department of Diehl Controls in order to ensure this from the very beginning.

In this way the Diehl Controls’ Purchasing department avoids on the one hand the waste of precious resources, and on the other hand unnecessary double work. These objectives are ensure through the cooperation with particularly efficient suppliers with activities worldwide.

These Purchasing Guidelines apply irrespective of business areas, corporate units and sites. The aim is to achieve a win-win situation for both our suppliers and Diehl Controls through the optimisation of the procurement system. Diehl Controls is convinced that its corporate success is attributable to a great extent also to the capabilities of its suppliers.

1. Respectful cooperation with our suppliers

As the basis for the optimisation of the procurement structures, Diehl Controls guarantees respectful cooperation with its partners. This implies mutual respect in the requests for tenders through to clear communication structures in the placement of orders on the basis of uniform standards applicable throughout the Group.

2. Process improvement and added value

The involvement of particularly future-oriented suppliers into standardised purchasing processes at an early stage leads to a steady logistical, commercial, qualitative and technical improvement in the procurement. This boosts the added value for both sides all along the process chain.

3. Market orientation and customer satisfaction

The innovative and high-quality products from Diehl Controls are the result of constant adaptation to market conditions and customers’ wishes. The achievement of these high demands results from reliable functions and high performance capabilities along the whole product line. This can be assured by the involvement from an early stage of technically innovative suppliers whose supplies and services are geared to the needs of Diehl Controls and its customers. Only in this way can the innovation leadership of Diehl Controls be strengthened and the joint future business relations maintained to the benefit of all.

4. Transparent procurement structures and cost leadership

The basis for the procurement are uniform purchasing standards. Objectively measurable and ethically transparent criteria are the standard for the order placement at Diehl Controls. A key role is played here by a fair comparison of prices oriented to the worldwide cost level on the global markets. This allows stable long-term procurement relationships to be established and controlled. Ultimately only the cost leadership on all sides can safeguard and maintain the market position of all parties involved in the procurement process.

5. Continuous improvement through responsibility for quality

Diehl Controls’ quality leadership can only be achieved through the use of high-quality raw materials, tools and innovative components. The quality of both products and services has to comply with the Diehl Controls quality assurance system and has to be maintained by the supplier. This is assured on both sides through stable and repeatable processes.

Diehl Controls verifies the effectiveness of the quality assurance actions of the supplier continuously according to VDA 6.3, EN ISO 9000 and 9001 et seq.. The latest version of the guidelines is available at and

6. Social and environmental responsibility

Diehl Controls attaches great importance to compliance with safety and environmental standards along the whole supply chain. A key role is played by an environment-conscious choice of materials and recyclability for both the components and their packagings, and the conservative use of all resources.