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Outstanding prospects for your company

Outstanding prospects for your company

As a first-tier supplier and an important partner to the international aviation industry, we are used to "flying high." To secure this position on a lasting basis and to continue to grow and expand, we are always looking for competitive suppliers willing to support us with ideas, strong performance, dependability, and drive. If you would like to become an active supplier of Diehl Aerosystems, you now have the opportunity to get in touch with us directly. All you have to do is simply register on our Sourcing Platform.


Looking for suppliers, finding partners

Diehl Aerosystems is looking for long-term supplier relationships built on trust and dependability.

Our common goal is to sustainably secure our competitive position by leveraging synergies and optimizing

processes, as well as by sharing innovations Diehl Aerosystems and its partners stand for outstanding customer satisfaction and one promise: to deliver the utmost in quality and excellent performance at reasonable costs

With numerous exciting products and projects, we offer many different points of access, from the extended workbench to innovative development partnerships.

Sourcing Platform

Sourcing Platform

You are just a click away from the Login area of our supplier portal.