Company EHS / Company Guidelines

Guiding Principles Diehl Aerospace

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring the excellent quality of our products and services.

Continuous Improvement

We encourage new ideas in order to continuously improve our processes and products.

Individual Responsibility

Striving for the best results and the highest quality is the hallmark that characterizes the professional conduct of every one of us.


Each and every one of us contributes to ensuring proper communication and optimal cooperation with internal and external partners.


Beyond compliance with statutory requirements, it is very important to us to preserve the environment and to conserve natural resources in our operational procedures.


We pay special attention to exemplary energy performance whenever we procure equipment and systems.

Information Security

In the interests of information security, we pay special attention to confidentiality, integrity and availability in all matters in order to protect the values and assets of our company and our partners.

EHS Guidelines

Systematically anchoring of practical work, health, and environmental protection in our company has a long tradition.

Our corporate success depends directly on a healthy and solid ecological and social environment. This is why health and safety combined with a respect for the environment are integral parts of our business policy.

There is a constant awareness in our thoughts and actions of factors concerning work safety, the health of our employees, and environmental protection. This broad and long-standing prevention is our responsibility in all activities, starting with sustainable engineering, to the entire value chain from production to delivery of cabin interior parts, through to customer support.

As a member of the Diehl/Thales Group, we maintain our commitment to continuously improving all areas of EHS and to a standard higher than the legal requirements.

To ensure ongoing prevention, EHS goals are annually agreed with all divisions. Systematically implementing the EHS program is therefore an essential focus of the corporate objectives.

The Laupheim site has been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 since 2005; preparations are underway for the remaining locations.