Company Profile Diehl Comfort Modules

From Sell to Dasell to the Diehl business unit

Since its foundation in 1991, DASELL has developed into one of the world's most important manufacturers of washrooms for aircraft cabins. Initially a joint venture between Sell GmbH and Airbus Deutschland, the name Diehl Comfort Modules today designates a business unit of Diehl Aerosystems. Following a takeover by the Diehl Group in 2010, the successful DASELL GmbH company was incorporated as another business unit bearing the name Diehl Comfort Modules.

Besides its core business as a cabin outfitter, Diehl Comfort Modules also supplies the entire Airbus family of aircraft with on-board toilets.

More than 2,100 washrooms and cabin elements are manufactured each year by over 490 employees.

As a cabin outfitter, Diehl Comfort Modules is supplier to some of the world's most reputable airlines. Diehl Comfort Modules is a development, production, and maintenance partner for aircraft manufacturers and airlines.

Expertise and aims

For many years, the business unit has been setting standards in the development, production, and maintenance of high-quality cabin elements for passenger and VIP aircraft. Ambitious customer requirements and efficiently implementing them using the latest technologies are what business at Diehl Comfort Modules is all about.

While on-board toilets are the company's core competence, Diehl Comfort Modules reports a continuously rising demand for retrofit solutions for fleets already in service as well as for other cabin elements, from showers and changing rooms to comfortable bathrooms. Besides reputable aircraft manufacturers and airlines, outfitting and maintenance companies are also some of the business unit's customers.

All products from the Diehl Comfort Modules range meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The products also stand out by way of their weight-optimized constructions and incredible space-saving designs.

With the increasing number of long-haul flights and aircraft with large cabins, the demand for washrooms and on-board toilets is also rising. In this respect, Diehl Comfort Modules provides a number of totally new solutions and extremely innovative concepts that reconcile perfectly technical requirements for  the materials on the one hand and the wishes of the customers on the other.

Diehl Comfort Modules has committed itself to meeting the exacting demands of aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and, not least, the passengers innovatively, quickly, and flexibly. Maximum customer satisfaction is not a vision – it's what we do every single day.