Company Profile Diehl Aircabin

Reaching for the skies together

Diehl Aircabin has established itself as a preferred partner in the international aviation industry. With its cabin modules, crew rest compartments, and air ducting, Diehl Aircabin provides an array of highly specialized aviation solutions under the general umbrella of Diehl Aerosystems.

The area of expertise of Diehl Aircabin GmbH includes product and process development, design, predevelopment, construction, and the production and qualification of cabin elements. The integration of system components such as in-flight entertainment, oxygen systems, and electrical equipment also forms an important part of the company's broadly based portfolio.

Full-service cabin fittings

Diehl Aircabin has long since established itself and been respected throughout the world for its production of air ducting, air outlets, and complex sleep and relaxation areas for aircraft personnel.

A small but important and dynamically growing business area for Diehl Aircabin is the production of especially exclusive fittings for VIP and corporate jets.

With the diversity of its products and services, Diehl Aircabin is a full-service provider for aircraft cabins.

Diehl Aircabin...

... achieves weight reductions in even the lightest synthetic components

... adapts cabin components to meet the customer's requirements perfectly

... integrates cabin modules that facilitate installation in the final assembly line.