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Crew Rest Compartments

Living the dream

Safe and comfortable travel is only possible if the crew on duty is well rested and focused. To meet this ever more stringent requirement of airlines and in the interests of their passengers, Diehl Aircabin has in recent years developed numerous innovative concepts that have since become essential standards for many airlines. As a first-tier supplier, we work hard on developing and producing stationary aircraft crew rest compartments boasting an array of convenient and practical features.

In these fully air-conditioned compartments, the pilots and cabin crew have the opportunity to recover on long-haul flights. Besides the attractive interior design, which makes the most of the limited space, the optional use of in-flight entertainment and variable lighting concepts also help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The compartments vary in 
their size, geometry, and position depending on the type of aircraft.

  • Bulk Crew Rest Compartments (BCRC)
  • Lower Deck Crew Rest Compartments (LDCRC)
  • Upper Deck Crew Rest Compartments (UDCRC)
  • Cabin Crew Rest Compartments (CCxRC)
  • Flight Crew Rest Compartments (FCRC)

Diehl Aircabin supplies plug-and-play modules that are ready to install.

Each crew rest compartment is erected on a test stand, or jig, and rigorously tested prior to delivery. This fully ensures the uncompromisingly high quality and 100% functionality of all delivered components.

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