Comfort Modules Cabin Innovation Concepts

Cabin Innovation Concepts

The next generation

A new sanitation concept with three compact units saves considerable space, thus providing the potential for installing additional seats in the cabin. This study is particularly striking on account of the two urinals located either side of a central washroom and changing facility. The aim of this is to provide maximum convenience for passengers. By using urinals and a separate washroom, the occupancy rate of conventional toilets can be significantly reduced. Female passengers in particular will appreciate the considerably improved standards of hygiene. This concept also keeps the annoyance of having to queue to a minimum.

The High Integrated Flexible Lavatory (HILA)

This toilet study is based on a flexible room concept that creates more space as well as offering greater convenience and hygiene. As the passengers are boarding, the toilet cubicle is reduced to the size of a standard toilet. Once the aircraft has reached cruising altitude, the cabin crew can increase the size of the toilet in just a few seconds. This involves utilizing the space in the aisle that is only required during boarding. Thanks to its intelligent, modular subsystems, the HILA offers a variety of usage options, such as a comfort toilet with washing facilities, a urinal, and a changing room with additional storage spaces.