Cabin Interiors

Crew Rest Compartments

Living the dream


Safe and comfortable travel is only possible if the crew on duty is well rested and focused. To meet this ever more stringent requirement of airlines and in the interests of their passengers, Diehl Aircabin has in recent years developed numerous innovative concepts that have since become essential standards for many airlines. As a first-tier supplier, we work hard on developing and producing stationary aircraft crew rest compartments boasting an array of convenient and practical features. 


VIP Furniture

Custom five-star comfort: the VIP and corporate jet cabins from Diehl Aircabin


The 1999-founded VIP division has so far equipped numerous jets for governments, international companies, and VIPs. Besides custom-designed linings, the Diehl Aircabin product range includes elegant furnishings, such as tables, side ledges, credenzas, surrounds, and other interior features. Individually manufactured partitions can also be used to create separate zones and reorganize areas.



First-tier expertise

As a retrofitting partner, Diehl Aerosystems is able to offer the expertise of experienced experts. Within the broadly based Group and the four business units Diehl Aircabin, Diehl Aerospace, Diehl Comfort Modules, and Diehl Service Modules, Diehl Aerosystems can provide all retrofitting services from a single source, anywhere in the world, and in next to no time. [more...]