Aircraft Systems Utility Systems

Controlling and monitoring – a demanding role

Diehl Aerospace develops and produces a variety of solutions in the field of cabin and utility systems for civil and military platforms. These include door control, the Integrated Modular Avionics system, flight control, and control systems for cabin lighting.

Doors and Slides Management System

The Doors and Slides Management System (DSMS) is a new electronic system developed by Diehl Aerospace for the Airbus A380. Now, for the first time, it is possible to electronically control and centrally monitor the passenger and freight doors as well as the relevant emergency hatches and slides. Furthermore, Diehl Aerospace developed the Doors and Slides Control System (DSCS) responsible for controlling and monitoring the doors and emergency slides in the A350 XWB. The Airbus A400M also features a door system developed by Diehl Aerospace. The Doors Control and Monitoring System (DCMS) monitors all doors and controls the ramp and cargo door of the A400M.

Cabin Management System

Since it began researching into cabin lighting systems, Diehl Aerospace has also been working on the systems necessary for controlling individual lights and basic cabin illumination. The main objectives of the Cabin Management System include the technical transformation of user needs and desires right through to the light-emitting media, as well as making all available services easily accessible via an intuitive user interface. The Flight Attendant Panel is the central user interface for controlling the utility systems in the aircraft cabin, including illumination and air conditioning. The flight attendants can use this interface to adjust individual settings manually or to adapt them to the changing conditions throughout a flight. By dividing the cabin into different classes and zones, such as First Class and Business Class, it must be possible to provide individual lighting to the separate areas. Area/zone control units help to operate the illumination in the aircraft cabin by sections.

Landing Gear Computer

With its range of efficient utilities and support systems, Diehl Aerospace is equally at home in civil and military aircraft as well as helicopters. In the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Landing Gear System (LGS) controls and monitors the landing gear. The central computer unit of this system is the Landing Gear Computer (LGC), for which Diehl Aerospace produces many electronic and mechanical component assemblies.

Fuel Computer

The Fuel Computer (FC) controls and monitors the fuel system in the Eurofighter Typhoon. Using a variety of sensors, it determines the values for the remaining fuel and fuel consumption. Determining exactly how much fuel remains and at what rate it is being used is essential when carrying out missions to the limits because these values have a crucial impact on the amount of room for maneuver. For this reason, the system always has a redundant design.

Enhanced Lighting Controller

The Enhanced Lighting Controller (ELC) regulates the cockpit lighting of the Eurofighter Typhoon. The pilot can choose between fully automatic lighting control and pre-programmed modes for day, night or dusk. The system also supports full manual control. When the fully automatic lighting mode is selected, the ELC is able to adapt the lighting intensity in the cockpit and of all the instrument displays to the current ambient conditions within fractions of a second.