Aircraft Systems Safety & Supply Systems

Cabin safety for all to see

In critical situations, it is essential that emergency systems operate reliably. In order to evacuate an aircraft quickly, a minimum level of brightness in the cabin is of utmost importance to allow passengers and crew to find their bearings. Emergency exit signs must also be clearly recognizable at all times.

Many Diehl Aerospace products in the area of cabin safety were recently improved or completely redesigned. As the entire product line is of vital importance in an emergency situation, it is produced with meticulous attention to detail and is constantly being improved.

Emergency lighting and floor path marking

As one of the first manufacturers in the market, Diehl Aerospace offers a complete range of emergency lighting and floor path marking systems with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). In contrast to a floor path marking system operated by photoluminescence, LEDs provide light only in an emergency and thus do not interfere with the normal operation of other lighting systems such as the atmospheric Mood Lighting.  For emergency power supplies, Diehl Aerospace favors the use of lithium-ion cells. The main advantage of these cells is the significantly reduced weight because their higher energy density enables smaller cells to be used. Extremely short charging times and maintenance-free operation make the battery packs and their chargers exceptionally reliable. These are elementary features that are indispensable especially in the electronic door opening system of the Airbus A380. Every door is equipped with its own high-capacity power storage unit so that doors controlled by the Doors and Slides Management System can also be opened in an emergency even if the aircraft power supply has failed. The system is, therefore, still fully operational and the doors can be opened even after a power interruption of more than 8 hours. All Diehl Aerospace safety systems are designed in modules and fulfill all regulatory requirements of the aviation industry. The cabin lighting can also be customized to meet particular needs and the specifications of different types of aircraft.

Power conversion and distribution

One of the key activities of Diehl Aerospace in the area of converting and distributing electrical power in aircraft is the design and production of static inverters with different performance classes.  If an on-board power generator fails, static inverters supply vital aircraft systems with electric energy. They do this by converting the aircraft batteries' direct current to 115V on-board alternating current.  To achieve a stable electric power supply on board the fleet of German army transport helicopters, Diehl Aerospace designed and supplied a complete upgrade kit, the Battery Management System. This system consists of two DC power distribution boxes, a power rack, and a control panel, and supplies helicopter systems with AC and DC power when the main engines are switched off.