Aircraft Systems Interior Lighting Systems

Lighting in a different light

In the field of cabin lighting, Diehl Aerospace has now enjoyed considerable success for many years. Having established itself as a reliable and innovative supplier of cabin lighting systems to all the major aircraft manufacturers, Diehl Aerospace currently has an outstanding reputation the world over. The special requirements of the aviation industry make the development and production of cabin lighting systems an ever-changing challenge. The primary concern of all lighting concepts is the passengers' comfort and their associated feeling of well-being. It goes without saying, however, that aspects of fire protection, energy consumption, and heat generation must also be considered.

Mood Lighting System

When designing and developing Mood Lighting in aircraft cabins, Diehl Aerospace uses the entire spectrum of technical innovations to fulfill discerning passengers’ ever-growing desires for greater comfort. In contrast to conventional cabin lighting, the all-new lighting system from Diehl Aerospace allows continuously dimmable light. With colored accents and pre-programmed, controllable scenarios, wonderfully smooth and relaxing transitions between individual cabin lighting phases can be created for passengers. Instead of switching suddenly between on and off, the Mood Lighting system adjusts the illumination between two flight phases slowly and gradually – in color as well as brightness. By adjusting the lighting to an artificially shortened day during the flight, passengers' natural biorhythms can be prepared gradually for the new time zone of their destination.  The result is a completely new flying experience for passengers. A possible flight scenario may look like this: While the cabin is illuminated in the airline's corporate colors during boarding, the scenario changes to smooth, comforting colors during take-off. After the plane has reached its cruising altitude, the cabin is lit bright and clear, helping passengers to read or work. As the catering service begins, the light changes to reflect the warm-white color of a candle-lit dinner. Once dining has been completed, dimmed light enhances relaxation until an artificial sunrise wakes passengers up without startling them. Mood Lighting from Diehl Aerospace is designed with fluorescent tubes or Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Hybrid systems combining the two technologies have also proved very popular. The system's modular design allows other high-end features to be integrated, such as a starry sky in the ceiling of certain cabin areas or throughout the whole cabin.

Sidewall and Ceiling Lights

Diehl Aerospace has many years of experience in the area of cabin lighting and has now established itself as a reliable and innovative system supplier to all major aircraft manufacturers throughout the world. The specific requirements of the aircraft industry make the illumination of a cabin a technical challenge. The primary goal is the comfort and well-being of the passenger, although aspects of fire protection, energy consumption, and heat generation must also be considered during development. Using state-of-the-art technologies and the best suitable mix of illuminants, Diehl Aerospace lighting systems can today illuminate any aircraft cabin in just the right tones without glare. Indirect illumination through sidewall and ceiling lights makes the cabin appear to be particularly spacious and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Spot and Reading Lights

Spotlights can be used to achieve special lighting effects in entrances or lounge areas, whereas discreet lighting, for example, around wash basins in lavatories, can be provided by LED strip lights. With LED systems, there are almost no limits to the application scenarios possible. Specific needs of passengers can be taken into account with individually controllable reading lights. Completely new perspectives in cabin design are being shaped by a clear trend when it comes to cabin lighting: Fluorescent tubes are increasingly being replaced by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The considerably reduced maintenance requirements alone are a significant advantage of these systems. As the market and technology leader, Diehl Aerospace is the first company in the world to introduce an all-LED lighting system, which will be used on board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Cargo Compartment Lighting

Besides lighting systems for the cabin, Diehl Aerospace also offers custom solutions for cargo compartment illumination in passenger and freighter aircraft. Diehl Aerospace also designs system solutions for the interior lighting of military aircraft, such as the lighting system produced for the NH90 transport helicopter, which also has night vision equipment compatibility.