Aircraft Systems

Flight Control Systems

Flight control has a name: Diehl Aerospace


The Diehl Aerospace Centre of Excellence (CoE) for flight control has many years of experience in the field of primary and secondary flight control, from developing fundamental technologies and processing research and technology programs to product development for flight control computers for civil and military aviation.


Interior Lighting Systems

Lighting in a different light

In the field of cabin lighting, Diehl Aerospace has now enjoyed considerable success for many years. Having established itself as a reliable and innovative supplier of cabin lighting systems to all the major aircraft manufacturers, Diehl Aerospace currently has an outstanding reputation the world over.

The special requirements of the aviation industry make the development and production of cabin lighting systems an ever-changing challenge. The primary concern of all lighting concepts is the passengers' comfort and their associated feeling of well-being. It goes without saying, however, that aspects of fire protection, energy consumption, and heat generation must also be considered. [more...]

Utility Systems

Controlling and monitoring

a demanding role

Diehl Aerospace develops and produces a variety of solutions in the field of cabin and utility systems.

Utility Systems