Produkte Gasmesstechnik

  • Innovatives, hoch präzises microthermisches Messprinzip
  • Geräuschlos und verschleißfrei
  • Temperaturumwertend und druckunabhängig
  • Transparenter Abrechnungsprozess
  • Integrierte Kommunikation






The electronic gas meter AERIUS detects the standard volume of natural gas using microthermal measuring principle. It can be used for domestic and industrial applications. This innovative technology allows direct measurement of real consumption (norm volume), independently of the temperature and the pressure. Equipped with communication radio OMS or wired MBus, AERIUS can be integrated very easily in AMR systems. The electronic gas meter AERIUS uses a CMOS semiconductor sensor, which is placed in a bypass channel. The sensor is based on a microthermal measuring principle and contains a heating element, which is flanked by two temperature sensors. The heating element is used to heat the gas; a uniform temperature distribution is formed, which is deferred through the gas flow. A temperature difference is generated which is measured by the two temperature sensors. The resulting measuring signal is processed by a microprocessor into a flow rate and therefore shows into standard volume (m3).

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