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The M-BUS RECEIVER is used for stationary reading of IZAR RADIO consumption meters. Remote reading and data logging of these meters will be done in combination with an IZAR CENTER M-Bus master.

  • Radio receiver for capturing IZAR RADIO data telegrams
  • Available in 868 MHz and 434 MHz version
  • No M-Bus cabling from consumption meter to M-Bus master necessary
  • Two-wire M-Bus interface for direct connection to an IZAR CENTER communication central
  • Powered through M-Bus interface, no external power supply necessary
  • IZAR RADIO meters and standard M-Bus meters may be used simultaneously in one system
  • Internal memory for buffering the last received radio telegram from up to 500 consumption meters

Principle of operation

The M-BUS RECEIVER receives radio telegrams from IZAR RADIO meters and is storing them into its internal memory. Each time a new radio telegram is received, the M-BUS RECEIVER is deleting the old one from that meter. The M-BUS RECEIVER can only be used in combination with an IZAR CENTER M-Bus master. Here it is possible to do an interval reading of the M-BUS RECEIVER like it is done with a normal M-Bus meter. The data stored in the IZAR CENTER memory can be transferred to the IZAR@NET software.


868 / 434 MHz
Versions 2 different versions for receiving 868 or 434 MHz radio telegrams
Housing Light-grey plastic housing with wall mounting support
Protection Terminal protection cap may be sealed
Communication speed 2400 and 9600 baud
Range of reception Up to 400 m outdoor or up to 30 m indoor
Configuration Via IZAR CENTER software and hardware
Antenna Internal antenna, invisible
Indicators 2 LED indicators for: valid radio telegram received and invalid radio telegram received
Installation Up to 3 / 6 / 12 M-Bus Receivers may be connected to one IZAR CENTER 60 / 120 / 250

Technical data

868 / 434 MHz
Power supply via M-Bus
Weight g 150
Protection class IP 44

Ambient conditions

868 / 434 MHz
Operating temperature °C 0 ... 60
Humidity % 10 ... 70


868 / 434 MHz
Length L mm 120
Width B mm 35
Height H mm 120