The sun - essential for all mankind

Our endeavour has always been to develop products of the highest quality and energy efficiency. As proof, we have on a daily basis stood out in the fields of appliances, Smart Home and photovoltaics. And all of that being elaborated with our constant aim to ensure the protection of the environment.

Since 2004, we manufacture inverters and communication devices for the renewable energies market with the name PLATINUM®

PLATINUM® is trading since 1st April 2013 as an autonomous company belonging to the mutares AG, Munich. So the premium brand from the Allgäu, Germany can distinguish and rise even more. But the same competent, effective and highly capable team is working behind the scenes. The inverters are still manufactured in the Allgäu by Diehl Controls while PLATINUM® develops and sells the inverters. Therefore the product quality remains at the usual high standard while the strategic new realigned PLATINUM® will set their focus even more on intense consulting, service and training. Our promise: Next energy solution.

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